Training Contract Handbook

With expert contributions from dozens of trainees and associates from a range of market-leading City firms, plus comprehensive insights and insider tips from leading City trainers, authors and academics, this unique training contract survival guide offers:

  • Explanations of hundreds of key legal concepts and contractual clauses, including the terminology, jargon and acronyms that you’ll likely come across in practice.
  • A comprehensive insight into what trainees do, including practice area overviews, example trainee work-logs and a summary of the challenges trainees face.
  • Insider tips on managing your workload, interacting with supervisors, taking instructions, demonstrating initiative, building a personal brand, networking and negotiating.
  • Expert guidance on how to effectively approach legal and business research, presentations, proofreading and written tasks.
  • A summary of foundational commercial and contract law principles, including contract formation, the allocation of risk, limitations of liability, restrictive covenants, boilerplate clauses, security and insolvency.
  • Advice on how to project manage the M&A process, including an insight into auctions and bilateral sales, the role of key legal practice areas, and signings and completions.
  • A comprehensive insight into complex due diligence exercises, including an overview of the role of trainees and the key issues to look out for.
  • A detailed explanation of key transaction documents, including engagement letters, non-disclosure agreements, sale and purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements and loan agreements.
  • An insight into the work carried out by dispute resolution teams and an overview of key methods of dispute resolution.
  • Explanations of key litigation documents and processes, including advice on how to co-ordinate large-scale document reviews.
  • A practical guide to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel.

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