Application, Interview & Internship Handbook

The Application, Interview & Internship Handbook offers a comprehensive range of tips, insights and guidance designed to help you successfully negotiate the recruitment process for a wide range of City careers. This includes detailed advice on:

  • Boosting your employability, including how to accumulate key experiences that can demonstrate and facilitate your personal development.
  • Networking confidently and effectively, including an explanation of why networking is important.
  • Identifying your priorities and distinguishing between different graduate opportunities.
  • Successfully approaching CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Structuring application answers and preparing effectively for assessment centres.
  • Tackling the most commonly asked competency, strengths-based and ethical questions, including illustrative examples of how to draw skills and strengths from your experiences.
  • Articulating your career and firm motivations and carrying out targeted research to support your answers.
  • Building your commercial awareness, including your knowledge and understanding of topical current affairs and industries.
  • Approaching psychometric, situational judgement and e-tray tests.
  • Converting internships into graduate job offers.

The advice offered covers the whole process, from developing a profile attractive to graduate recruiters, to how to maximise performance in an assessment centre and at interview. - Claire Leslie, Senior Careers Consultant, University of Warwick (Law School)

"This handbook is an excellent resource, concisely presenting valuable information you need to succeed in applications and interviews with top City firms." - Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) London

"This handbook offers clear, concise and comprehensive advice, successfully addressing all the issues likely to cross an applicant’s mind. Highly recommended!" - University of London Legal Forum

"A fantastic resource covering the whole recruitment process for insight programmes, internships and graduate careers. We encourage all of our members to use it and those that do highly recommended it. The handbook has helped them to create attractive applications and perform well during interviews, leading to many securing internships and graduate roles." - Warwick Finance Societies

"This handbook has really helped our members better understand the mechanics of the application and interview process, the dreaded psychometric testing and what is expected during internships. Highly recommended!" - Edinburgh Commercial Law Society

"As a History student, I found it hard to engage with the questions City firms were asking on application forms and in interviews. This handbook gave me a strong sense of direction and an understanding of what employers were looking for, helping me to secure both investment banking and commercial law internships." - Antonia Marino, History, University of Warwick

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