Investment Banking Handbook

The Investment Banking Handbook offers a solid grounding in the general knowledge required for Investment Banking Division, Markets, Finance and Operations interviews and internships. The handbook includes:

  • A description of the role of different banking divisions
  • Consideration of issues relating to starting, running and growing a business
  • Analysis of different methods of purchasing and selling businesses
  • A breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of different types of financing
  • Descriptions of different business valuation techniques and methods
  • An introduction to basic economics concepts and financial accounts
  • An insight into the M&A process, complete with an overview of key parties that are typically involved
  • Descriptions of processes that facilitate transactions involving debt and equity finance
  • Focused sections on the Investment Banking and Markets divisions
  • Definitions of key commercial terms
  • An overview of key Microsoft Excel formulas and shortcuts
  • Explanations of how to tackle market sizing questions and brainteasers
  • General interview advice relating to competency, commercial awareness and case study interviews and guidance on how to convert internships into full-time jobs
  • A recommended reading list

"The Investment Banking Handbook provides a snapshot of what an investment bank does together with the key financial ratios you need to know in order to be a banker - highly recommended." - Christopher Stoakes, Author, "Know The City"

"This guide provides very comprehensive and well-informed support to students looking to take the first steps towards building a career in the highly competitive field of Investment Banking." - Claire Leslie, Senior Careers Consultant, University of Warwick Law School

"A lot of people want to become investment bankers: the problem is that few know what this means. It’s a complex industry filled with technical jargon. The Investment Banking Handbook is not only a guide to the language of investment banking – it is also an exposition of its structure, methods, stakeholders and skills. It equipped many of our members with the critical toolkit necessary to succeed in the toughest interviews." - London School of Economics, SU Business & Finance Group

"An essential read for any student trying to understand the technicalities of Banking, Economics and Finance and an indispensable tool in anybody’s arsenal of assessment centre preparation." - Warwick Finance Societies

"The Investment Banking Handbook is a superb resource for anyone looking for an introduction to the industry. Highly recommended!" - University College London, Economics & Finance Society

"Extremely insightful and provides an informative explanation of the world of finance, breaking down those technical terms and making it easy to grasp." - Khadar Jama, Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick

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