Consultancy Handbook

The Consultancy Handbook offers a solid grounding in the general knowledge required for consultancy interviews and internships. The handbook includes:

  • An overview of the role of consultants, different types of consultancy firms and the industries typically serviced by consultants
  • An insight into the recruitment process, with particular focus on how to prepare for and tackle case study interviews
  • An explanation of issues relating to profitability and how to apply the Profitability Framework in case study interviews
  • An insight into the strategic and operational challenges that businesses can encounter and the way in which the Business Situation Framework can be used to tackle related case interview questions
  • An introduction to mergers and acquisitions, including the potential benefits for companies
  • An overview of market sizing questions and brainteasers, complete with examples of how to solve them
  • Examples of other case study analysis tools including the SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces and PESTLE frameworks
  • An introduction to key accounting, finance, business valuation and economics concepts
  • An overview of key Microsoft Excel formulas and shortcuts
  • Definitions of key commercial terms
  • General interview advice relating to competency, commercial awareness and case study interviews and guidance on how to convert internships into full-time jobs

"This handbook is cleverly designed to provide MBA content through a series of case studies that typically form the basis of a job interview. Additional sections on finance, economics and spreadsheeting provide the graduate with a complete toolkit for success in entering this highly competitive sector. Essential reading." - Christopher Stoakes, Author of "Know The City" and "Commercial Awareness"

"The Consultancy Handbook offers a "one stop shop" for all you need to know about careers in consultancy. There are some great tips on how to deal with the dreaded case study interview." - Claire Leslie, Senior Careers Consultant

"The handbook offers a solid introduction to the world of consultancy - perfect for those preparing for case study interviews and seeking to gain valuable commercial knowledge. A great resource!" - University College London, Economics & Finance Society

"Our members have found the wealth of information in this handbook incredibly useful when preparing for interviews with consulting companies. It is concise and to the point, and its structure and format makes it easily digestible. Highly recommended!" - Warwick Consulting Society

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