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21 December 2015 |


With the US election heating up, each candidate is beginning to clearly set their opinion on topical issues such as immigration. This week Hilary Clinton challenged her two competitors Trump and Rubio arguing that America is already great and that it is wrong to deport individuals in the fear of terrorism. The fear of terrorist attacks is not only influencing future American policy but also European. The Guardian and TIME magazine have both argued that in the face of Britain’s renegotiation and with the fear of terrorism, the British public are likely to vote to leave Europe due to the borderless policy of the European Union. However, as the Guardian points out immigration until 2004 was mainly due to asylum seekers and it was not until 2013 that EU immigration was ‘a major component of immigration into Britain’. It also suggests that British citizens will need to make the link between the two – however, has British opinion not already been formed? The recent Paris attacks which are continuously being investigated have revealed that the terrorists who plotted the massacre were freely able to travel across Europe giving evidence for the link and potentially the justification for some to vote to leave the EU. In other immigration news, Angela Merkel and her immigration stance hits the headlines again this week as she re-establishes her position not to cap immigration but to ‘“tangibly” reduce the number of refugees and migrants entering Germany’ according to the Guardian.