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Situational Judgement Tests

28 September 2015 |


Situational judgement tests tend to present you with a particular scenario, followed by multiple choice options from which you must choose the option that best correlates with how you would react in the given scenario.


When considering your reaction to the scenario, keep in mind the competencies and attitude that the firm testing you is likely to value. If you are applying to a firm in a client-led industry, for a role that involves high expectations and long hours at times, then remember this if questioned on how you would react if you were asked to work late. If you are applying for a role for which accuracy and attention to detail are very important, then bear this in mind if a question is testing whether you would rush through a piece of work if certain circumstances arose.

However, remember that these tests are designed not to catch you out, but to test your suitability to the firm. If you answer questions honestly and do not proceed through that round of the assessment, then perhaps that firm was not the right firm for you. It may be that your personal qualities and attitude perhaps simply do not fit with the firm"s expectations (which in turn could give rise to a miserable working experience).