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12 October 2015 |


Last week Home Secretary Theresa May addressed the issue of immigration. May has been heavily criticised for her negative claims which appear to lack great evidence as she suggests that immigrants drive the British out of work and reduce their wages. In the spirit of the immigration crackdown, Labour critics are questioning the Government's proposed reforms to introduce checks in the rental market over fears it will introduce great discrimination. Look out for more on this news story this week as the UK parliament will debate whether rentals to illegal immigrants should become a criminal offence.

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European Union

The EU debate remains at the forefront of the headlines this week as David Cameron made four demands ahead of the vote. These included the exemption of Britain from being included in any European superstate (a union of countries), a statement confirming 'that Europe is a "multi-currency" union', a 'red card' which would allow Britain or any other national parliament to ignore orders from Brussels that they did not wish to impose, as well as a redeveloped EU structure ensuring that the countries that are within the European Union but not Eurozone members are protected. Other politicians including Boris Johnson have also spoken out about the referendum stating that 'the price of getting out is lower' however 'in an ideal world, to stay in a reformed European Union' is preferable.' Today, Lord Rose, who was previously the head of Marks and Spencers, also spoke out in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union.

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Business news today shows that social media platform Facebook paid less than the average householder in corporation tax in the UK last year despite profits of $2.9 billion.

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In other business news, Dell has agreed to takeover EMC (a data storage company) for $67bn. Providing that regulators accept the terms of the deal, this will be one of the biggest technological deals recorded. This highlights Dell;s innovative approach to ensure that it maintains its market position despite industry changes.

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UK Economy

Following the introduction of the living wage as part of the new budget in July, the BBC reported today that ;nearly one in four jobs outside of London pay less than the living wage;.

Last week Reuters also reported that the UK economy appears to be slowing after service sector activity fell as Markit published purchasing mangers; index (PMI) figures which reported the lowest figures since April 2013. Chancellor George Osborne appears to be conscious of the potential slowdown of the UK economy as he points to the impact of the recent disruption in Brazil and China. Nonetheless, Osborne continues to seek new business links across the world in order to maintain the UK;s recovery.

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UK Politics

With the continuing Syrian crisis, Labour MP, Jo Cox and Tory MP, Andrew Mitchell have joined forces to present to Parliament a proposal for British military intervention on the basis of ;humanitarian and diplomatic initiatives; according to the Guardian. Providing that Jeremy Corbin gives his party a free vote (meaning they can vote independently of the party leader), his authority may be questioned.

Commodity Prices

Oil prices have been very volatile over the last few months with the lowest prices per barrel being recorded in August 2015. Despite the excess supply which caused these low levels, prices closed at a high of $54.05 per barrel last week which has enabled investors to take profits.

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