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Overview of Investment Banking Opportunities

27 September 2015 |

1st year (and 2nd year of 4 year degree)

  • Investment banks tend to offer Spring Weeks for 1st year students doing a 3-year degree and 2nd year students doing a 4-year degree.
  • These can give you a feel for what the job involves, but involve little (if any) real responsibility.

Penultimate year & finalists

  • Full 10-12 week internships are then typically available for penultimate and final year students, although some also cater for graduates.
  • These usually involve you undertaking real work whilst sitting in one (or more) divisions. You may also be expected to undertake additional assessments, including a final interview towards the end.


  • Some investment banks will allow graduates to apply directly for a graduate role, whilst others will expect graduates to apply for (and successfully undertake) full internships before they will be considered for a full time role.
  • If you receive a job offer, you will have to undertake training. This usually lasts for a few weeks when you first join the firm on a full time basis. Some firms send their graduates abroad for their training (J.P. Morgan send graduates to New York for instance). You will also have to complete various exams, including FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) exams.